Ahmed Rilwan (@moyameehaa)

Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla (@moyameehaa) a Maldivian Journalist has been missing since 8 August 2014. He was last seen on CCTV at the Hulhumale' ferry terminal.

He was wearing a black shirt, black trousers, black shoes with white soles and carrying a black backpack.
Rilwan is 28 years old, of medium build and 5 feet 10 inches tall, sporting a short beard and moustache.

Oh Rilu, where art thou? #FindMoyameehaa

I refer to him as Rilube.

Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, also known as Moyameehaa is a son, brother, uncle, friend, a journalist, a writer, an artist, a poet and a strong advocate of human rights who has been missing since 8th August 2014.

I met this young man 9 years ago and since then we have managed to uphold a close-knit companionship. My first reminiscence with Rilu was when I had him say “kalhusai, kirusai” in order to get a clearer sight of his two silver false teeth. The moment I discovered that Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day was one of the songs which topped his playlist, I knew we would get along fairly well. And we did, every passing day.

The days when I first met Rilu. (2006; Mysore)
The days when I first met Rilu. (2006; Mysore)

I used to hear from him diurnally, but it’s been more than a month since I last heard from. My highlight of the day was him chanting “GOODO MORNONGO EMU EMU EMU” at the break of dawn. “Emu, why are you so cute?” is a rhetorical question he usually throws in my way. Oh how I crave to see, once again his handsome face, his pouts when he’s being adamant, his merry laughter when he’s delighted. How pleasant would it be if he’s still here. Sleep and wake up to his texts.

Enduring his complains and whines was also a regular part of my day. I swear, he comes up with the most pointless grumbles and I would have a hard time convincing him otherwise. The last day we talked, he complained of having a huge tummy and was upset because mine’s flat. “Life’s not fair on me,” he said. So what, even if your tummy is huge? We have seen what’s inside, Rilu. A placid soul, and we have fallen in love with that.

Driving around Male’ pinning his ears on Nusrat music and stopping by Bodu Magu to have a joospetty would be his leisure pursuit. He would devour the whole joospetty till the last sip as if it’s a sacred drink, and often tell me off for my lack of interest in joospetty. It was more amusing to watch him have it with passion, hehe. Afterwards, he would roll a tobacco cigarette with aptitude and puff out clouds of smoke.

Though he refers to himself as Moyameehaa, he’s very much sane and well balanced. In fact, he’s one of the most lucid people I’ve met. He knew what he was up to, okay? A freethinker, who used to cogitate on aspects of life. He questioned, and perceived answers. He was inclined to form his own opinions rather than depend upon authority which exhibited boldness of speculation; skeptical of authority. He never lost his morality. Mad, mad society. When a man goes missing, priority must be given to find him rather than pondering over his religious stances. And that too, using the minimal facts you’ve got. If you don’t know Rilu well, don’t give yourself the ability to judge him.

His words coerced them. Threats from the ignorant and criminal, not the plagiarisms of the envious, is the sincerest form of flattery for an author. Journalists are frequently subjected to such threats, intimidation and attacks, but that’s no reason for the rest of us to forfeit and seal our lips and pens. We have responsibilities as citizens to our community. Raise your voice, shout it aloud, don’t hold back. FIND MOYAMEEHAA!

Government bodies need to take this matter into serious consideration as this is a menace to the media freedom. We’re fretting over a missing person, not a missing tooth. It was disheartening to have noticed that silence from the President when questioned, signals that Maldives is apathetic when a citizen’s whereabouts are unknown.

But what’s preventing the family and friends from gathering more information about the fate of their loved one? I assume, political rivalries among the political forces have contributed to ensuring that this issue has remained on the back-burner. Keeping demanding for up to date elucidation from MvPolice! We don’t want Rilu in our hearts only, we want him present here with us as well. When he’s not around, the whole world seems depopulated.

I miss him and, I need him to come back as soon as possible. He never failed to cheer me up when I was feeling low, he slapped me back to my senses whenever I headed astray. He was there for me when numerous people bowed out. He assured me that he would be here for me, ALWAYS. I can never get enough of his humor and merry laughter. He made me laugh so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks. Now, I’m left to shed tears of devastation for him. Please stay safe Rilu, where ever you are. Please, help us find Moyameehaa.

Do you feel isolated, frustrated and helpless that you are not doing enough to help further to #FindMoyameehaa? If so, please visit http://findmoyameehaa.com, sign the avaaz petition to the Maldives Government on http://goo.gl/n3jYxb. Let the police and the government know you want a thorough investigation. Call your MP, ask them to hold the police accountable for their investigation.